Collaborate Directly with Workers to Create Safer Job Sites

Give workers simple and intuitive tools they need to keep job sites safe and productive.
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Own Your Day: The JobSiteCheck Commitment

JobSiteCheck’s construction site management platform provides streamlined communication and contactless digital check-ins, giving you the power to own your health and safety onsite.

Communicate and work seamlessly between and within all personnel, including teams, managers, and workers.


Check in and out of construction sites and report safety hazards or obstacles with ease; no software download required.


Remove barriers to work flow and saving time with digitized certification management gives you ample time to be successful, every day.

Credentials and certifications

Access Every Check-In, Credential, & Certification

Consolidating and keeping track of records has never been easier with JobSiteCheck’s digital record database. Your check in and check out history, whether it be a toolbox talk, safety orientation, or any additional credentials you may have, is now at your fingertips.

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Amplify your voice

Amplify Your Voice Onsite, No Matter the Job

Communicate directly with the right people at the right time, to ensure that your voice is heard, especially when it matters most. JobSiteCheck promotes a culture of transparency and accountability by providing a platform to gather feedback, notify everyone onsite, and capture overall sentiment on a job site.

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Attendance and check-in

Confirm Attendance and Check Into a Site, Effortlessly

Digitally sign in to toolbox talks, safety orientations, subcontractor meetings, daily stand-ups, OAC's, and much more with JobSiteCheck’s digital sign-in feature.

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Injuries on Job Sites


Of all yearly worker deaths, the amount that occur in the construction industry.


The amount, on average, of construction workers that are injured annually.


Percentage of non-fatal injuries by which construction exceeds other industries.