Welcome to JobSiteCheck!

Josh Rickel JobSiteCheck

We are happy to announce the launch of JobSiteCheck, the easiest, contactless solution for checking in and screening all workers and visitors on your site, allowing you to stay in compliance with COVID-19 CDC guidelines.

Full Work Site Check-In Solution

From onsite check-ins to worker management, Job Site Check’s contactless solution allows workers to seamlessly check in to a jobsite using their personal mobile device. This reduces the physical interaction between workers and staff and helps keep everyone safe and healthy.

How it Works

Using QR based technology, just point your mobile phone’s camera at the QR code, fill out the browser based form and submit. No download needed. Automatically the workers are given either a green light to enter, or a red light to see the supervisor.

Supervisors are then able to manage their jobsite by seeing how many workers passed or failed, edit or make adjustments to an individual’s submission, plus give them an accurate number of how many people are on the jobsite to aid in social distancing and density regulations.

Contactless Check In Solution