Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation for An Easier Construction Site Check-In Process

Josh Rickel JobSiteCheck

Safety is a constant concern for construction sites. Monitoring access to job sites and keeping visitors safe requires easy communication between management teams and anyone who tries to enter. In most cases, bilingual messaging is necessary to check in Spanish-speaking staff, contractors or visitors. JobSiteCheck uses automatic language translation to create a safer construction site check in process. 

As construction companies adjust to meet new regulations for worker health screening and safety, JobSiteCheck’s automatic Spanish translation speeds up the process and ensures that all workers complete health screening surveys quickly and accurately. With COVID-19 hot spots appearing on construction sites around the US, Spanish speaking workers have seen rises in infection. 

Since there is no software or hardware needed to use JobSiteCheck, the online application delivers surveys to job site visitors via their personal mobile phone. Using QR-based technology, contractors use their personal mobile phone to capture codes posted at the entry of each job site, areas of congregation, and work zones where social distancing is difficult to maintain. The QR code pulls up a browser-based questionnaire related to health and possible exposure to COVID-19.

The application detects language browser settings in a person’s phone and automatically translates health screening and check in questionnaires based on the language they’re using. If the visitor speaks Spanish, they receive a Spanish version of the check in questions. If they speak English, they receive an English version. 

The auto translation feature of the JobSiteCheck platform provides job superintendents and project managers an efficient way to ensure their construction projects run safely. 

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 27% of workers in construction of Hispanic or of Latino ethnicity. Many contractors speak English as a second language and employ a bilingual workforce. With so many Spanish speakers on construction sites, JobSiteCheck’s contactless check-in and screening solution makes language barriers a thing of the past. 

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