OSHA and CDC Record Keeping

The Reliable Solution to Comply With New OSHA Record Keeping Requirement

Josh Rickel JobSiteCheck

For just about any type of industry, there are regulations companies must comply with in order to stay open. Compliance statutes come with running a business and organizations are consistently modifying their processes to stay on top of these ever-changing requirements. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the CDC, implemented guidelines for businesses and employers to promote safer work environments. These new strategies include conducting daily health checks and hazard assessments, encouraging employees to wear face masks, practices for implementing social distancing, improving building ventilation systems, and more.

In addition to adjusting to the new CDC guidelines, businesses are faced with a new obligation from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. Also formulated from the global spread of COVID-19, OSHA’s new guidance requires businesses to record and report Coronavirus cases in the workplace. 

With more knowledge regarding transmission and prevention of the virus, more workers are now returning to work. As a result, the OSHA record keeping requirement mandates that employers across all industries must determine whether employee COVID-19 illnesses are work-related. If the case is determined as work-related, a company must record and report the incident.

Maintaining these meticulous logs for OSHA record keeping requirements can become burdensome to those tasked with the undertaking. JobSiteCheck is a contactless check-in solution that simplifies this process. 

JobSiteCheck’s workplace management software seamlessly captures and stores data regarding exposure risks from visitors, staff, and contractors. Using its contactless check-in solution, supervisors are able to track everyone who has entered the workplace and detect how many visitors have passed or failed the questionnaire. 

Upon completing the sign-in process via a browser on a personal device, employee details are digitally saved under GDPR regulations, making record management and auditing easier than ever. 

The OSHA record keeping requirement became effective May 26, 2020 and highlights the importance of preventative measures for contact tracing. With the right tool, meeting complex compliance needs doesn’t have to be burdensome. JobSiteCheck provides businesses with workplace compliance while improving job site safety and accountability from the ground up.

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