Achieve Visibility Across All Projects

Manage multiple work sites and implement informed decision-making with JobSiteCheck.
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The Value of Job Site Management

Visibility is vital when it comes to managing a productive and safe work site. JobSiteCheck brings you the transparency and perspective needed to meet your project schedule.

Know who is on your site, and their qualifications. Be empowered to recognize and implement better decision-making with relevant data, in real-time.


Streamline communication between teams and individuals on construction sites. With higher levels of information flow comes the capacity to be agile, flexible, and adapting to a construction site environment.


Streamline manual processes with digital records, check ins, and attendance confirmations. This crucial step to promote safety and productivity means more time for a job well done.

Valuable Data Captured

Your Most Valuable Data, Captured in Real Time

JobSiteCheck allows for the collection of relevant data, effortlessly. Having increased visibility onsite gives you all the data you need to make informed, calculated decisions. Whether that means knowing who is at a job site, being alerted when an incident has occurred, or simply communicating back and forth between or within teams, having clarity and oversight is a valuable tool.

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Safety and Accountability

Maintain the Habit of Safety & Accountability

In addition to boosting collaboration between personnel, JobSiteCheck ensures that the safety of every crew member is accounted for and supported. With safety orientation management, daily health screenings and check-ins, and digital records of safety compliance, our platform can help you continue the culture of safety and productivity.

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Gain Flexibility to Fill in Data Gaps

JobSiteCheck’s configurable dashboard and automated reporting gives contractors the ability to integrate the platform into existing construction management software, including Procore, CMIC, Autodesk, and much more. Keep track of multiple sites, minimize change management, and reduce costs while cutting back on waste.

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Cost of Injuries on a Job Site


The amount of production days that were lost due to work-related injuries in 2018 alone.


Percentage by which the construction industry exceeds spend on workers’ compensation, in relation to all goods-producing industries combined.


Percentage of overall workers’ compensation costs that are spent on workers who are injured at a construction site.