How to Save Time Tracking OSHA Training Records

Josh Rickel Articles

We all know how extensive OSHA regulations are for the construction industry. They are critical in preventing injuries and illnesses and promoting workplace safety and health. One of the important critical requirements to maintain a high level of occupational safety is ensuring that every worker has the right amount of safety training. Luckily, OSHA offers a ton of resources and tools to help provide the necessary employee training. 

That said, someone on the job site must have a system to track training records of each worker from all subcontractors. Usually this means someone has to ask every worker on a job site for their OSHA 10 and/or OSHA 30 training documents that they receive when they complete an OSHA training course

This tracking takes time out of your day that is better spent on work that moves the project forward. The other challenge is that these cards are often lost. Also, while training doesn’t expire, many contractors require that an OSHA 10 hour course is taken every 3 to 5 years.

In the event of an inspection and a request for this information, it takes extensive time to gather all the documents you may or may not have on site. In the event you don’t have all the documentation readily available, you’ll spend even more time figuring out who was on site during the inspection and what documents you might be missing. This exposes you to potential fines and unnecessary slow downs.

We recommend using JobSiteCheck’s digital OSHA certification management system that captures a worker’s OSHA certification status when a worker first steps on to a job site. Don’t waste your time just scanning their card or making a photocopy to put it in a filing somewhere. 

Have workers provide you their certification type (OSHA 10 hour or OSHA 30 hour), trainer information, and training date directly from their own device when they check in, which requires no additional download or hardware. The system will automatically know if they comply with your certification requirements. This extra 30 seconds will save you hours of unnecessary paperwork.

Efficient worker record management through JobSiteCheck will allow you to pull up OSHA certification status of all workers onsite now or at any time over the course of the project while keeping the time required to collect this data to a minimum. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to contact us.