No Hardware Needed

Managing Job Site Check-Ins Without The Use of Hardware

Josh Rickel JobSiteCheck

Let’s face it: paper-based job site check in systems are wasteful, messy, and outdated. Even digital solutions require hardware like printers, stickers, and touch devices to manage the process. Unlike other visitor management platforms, JobSiteCheck not only operates entirely online, it doesn’t even require additional hardware or downloads. All you need is your personal smartphone.

JobSiteCheck’s technology makes it easier than ever to manage the check-in process of all visitors and workers. The ultimate goal of JobSiteCheck’s contactless visitor management solution is to provide greater accountability for job site superintendents and safety directors, while also keeping job sites safe and healthy.

Using QR-based technology, contractors use their personal smartphones to capture codes posted at the entry of each job site, areas of congregation, and work zones. The QR code pulls up a browser-based questionnaire related to health and possible exposure to COVID-19, available in both English and Spanish with OSHA and CDC recommendations built in. Based on the individual’s answer, individuals are either granted or denied access.

It’s that simple. No software downloads or hardware required to keep job sites safe and healthy. 

As construction companies adjust to meet new CDC and OSHA regulations for safe work environments, JobSiteCheck provides a deeper level of accountability with greater insights into who’s on site, how long they’re on site, and their level of readiness to work. The visitor management solution is easy to use and instantly provides accurate information.

Tracking the arrivals and departures of contractors, staff, and vendors is just the beginning of JobSiteCheck’s job site visitor management abilities. Maintaining the “no download” model, JobSiteCheck also equips supervisors with a robust system to help better manage their job site. The project management team is given access to a dashboard with real time data related to the number of people on a job site and how many visitors have been granted or denied access.

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