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Job Site Check’s Technology Keep Job Sites Safe With No Download Required

Josh Rickel JobSiteCheck

Commercial construction job sites are among the top industries that have been hit the hardest by the spread of COVID-19. Construction sites often involve multiple workers, including General Contractor employees, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. Between these employees and outside staff, there is a heightened risk for the spread of COVID-19. A sign in app that meets the social distancing compliance requirements of construction sites is needed to maintain safe and healthy job sites.

JobSiteCheck is a contactless sign in app for checking and screening all workers and visitors to any type of job site where people are in close proximity to one another. 

The best part? No download, no registration and no login is required to sign in. 

Anyone visiting a job site can simply capture a QR code using the camera on their mobile device to gain access. These QR codes are strategically placed at each entry point of a job site, on job trailers and at various points within the building itself. The screen capture automatically pulls up a browser-based questionnaire related to risk and possible exposure. The sign in app automatically detects language settings and offers the user an English or Spanish version of the COVID-19 screening form. Based on the respondent’s answers, the sign in app will either allow or deny them access to the job site.

By bypassing a mobile app download, workers can now seamlessly check-in to a jobsite with limited interruptions, thereby reducing physical interactions between site visitors and supervisors or workers. The object is to keep everyone safe and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 between workers on the job site. 

Using JobSiteCheck’s sign in app creates a safer environment for construction trades and also creates workplace for vendors, suppliers and visitors.

The hassle-free technology also enables supervisors to better manage their jobsite by seeing how many workers passed or failed. It also provides an accurate number of how many people are on the jobsite, which in turn manages compliance with social distancing and density regulations.

To keep your job sites safe and free from COVID-19, get started today!