An Innovative Job Site Health Screening Solution

From personnel tracking to site management, JobSiteCheck’s contactless solution allows workers to seamlessly get screened, provide important health information, and check in to a job site using their mobile device.
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Protection Matters Now More Than Ever

To keep employees healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, federal guidelines mandate that any essential companies with active job sites must screen personnel daily. JobSiteCheck helps your business comply with CDC, OSHA, and local guidelines for COVID-19 prevention and control.
Contactless sign-in forms with simple questions to identify at-risk workers, real-time alerts, and secure data collection and storage allows for management to respond quickly, therefore preventing spread and keeping job sites safe.
Tracking worker, employee and visitor vaccination status can be customized to your specific return to work processes.

Contactless Processes

Simple, Contactless Processes

Checking in and out of a work site, safety orientation, or toolbox talk is contact-free. There is no app or software download required; all you need is a mobile phone. Workers can also provide vaccination status and upload vaccination records directly from their device. JobSiteCheck is available in multiple languages, and confirming attendance is as simple as scanning a QR code and checking in.

Density Tracking

Secure Data Collection & Storage

Know definitively how many workers are onsite and how they are feeling with density and exposure event tracking. When personnel checks into a site, their health screening status will be relayed back to general contractors and shown on the dashboard. General contractors and managers can see this data, quantified, and keep the site running using valuable insights. 


Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

In the case that a health screening comes back failed, general contractors will be notified immediately via the dashboard. From there, an option is given to adjust or override the result if it came about due to user error. If not, general contractors can use exposure event tracking capabilities to ensure the safety of their site and other workers.