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JobSiteCheck is a health and safety management platform that directly connects workers, managers, and supervisors by streamlining collaboration and serving as a system of record for presence and safety compliance. In doing so, we help reduce job site accidents, site shutdowns, and inefficiencies in record keeping.

We are hiring a full stack engineer to help us build the next big construction tech platform. The ideal candidate wants to be a foundational member of the organization and embraces the excitement and challenge of joining a company early. He or she is passionate about helping revolutionize the way construction projects approach safety, health and productivity. This person thrives in a collaborative environment where outcomes are agreed upon as a team and individuals are trusted to achieve them quickly, with quality and creativity. We are based in Austin but this individual doesn’t necessarily need to be here.


  • Build software that will protect the lives of workers on job sites.
  • Identify new ways to bring scalable technology to historically manual and analog systems.
  • Create a communication platform that connects workers to key decision makers, supervisors, and managers.
  • Structure  data collected from workers such that it can be visualized and interpreted by owners, developers and contractors to identify actions that can improve job site safety, health and productivity.
  • Help engineer the foundational backbone of an open platform and related APIs.
  • Develop systems to ensure code quality, innovation and efficiency.


  • Have been working as a Senior Software engineer driving technical work for various groups of engineers.
  • Have solid experience in designing complex systems at the earliest stage of a company
  • Have helped grow and build engineering teams.
  • Are unafraid of failure and believe that true innovation takes risks that more often than not don’t work.
  • Believe that doing a couple things extremely well and delivering deep value is better than doing many things okay.
  • Are curious to learn about new industries.
  • Are skilled in gathering and effectively synthesizing users’ feedback and experience to identify and prioritize product roadmap decisions.
  • Believe that the most valuable software is used every day and must become a habit for the worker.
  • Are effective in giving and receiving constructive feedback to/from peers and team members.
  • Are comfortable in working in ambiguously defined problem spaces, can identify the most valuable areas to direct your energy, and have delivered tangible results, as demonstrated in prior experiences.